Stockton Pet Hospital has a legacy of offering compassionate and comprehensive veterinary care to our family of clients. Our hospital has a proud history of 50 years of outstanding service to our community. We are looking for an outstanding, experienced, positive veterinary technician capable of carrying on our tradition and working with our great team.

Licenses and Certifications Required: Veterinary Technician (CVT, RVT, LVT, or LVMT)

Experience Required: 5 years working as a veterinary technician including as a surgical technician. Prefer candidates that have some experience in an emergency or specialty environment.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Excellent client communication skills. Candidate must know and be able to communicate complex medical issues as well as preventative medical standards to clients.
  • Perform blood draws, place IV catheters, run in house diagnostics including CBC’s, chemistries, lateral flow assays, radiographs, and urine and fecal analysis.
  • Surgical preparation and anesthetic monitoring.
  • Outstanding, compassionate care for our hospitalized patients.
  • Initial evaluation of patients including vitals and collection of thorough patient history. Candidate must be able to work with a broad spectrum of clients
  • Conform to all medical and safety protocols
  • Perform proper and safe animal restraint
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Filling prescriptions accurately
  • Conduct client call backs professionally
  • Audit medical charts
  • Assist clients accessing community resources
  • Must understand the importance of working with colleagues to integrate our services for the best medical care of the patient, the best customer service experience for the client, and the most efficient operation of the clinic
  • Must have an impeccable work ethic
  • Must accurately keep medical records