The Hidden Truth Behind Dental Problems in Pets

Dental conditions are exceedingly common in pets—in fact, dental disease, also known as periodontal disease, is diagnosed in more than two-thirds of dogs and cats over age 3. Dental disease encompasses a variety of components, including varying degrees of tartar buildup, gingivitis, and possible loose or missing teeth. Other common dental problems include fractured teeth, [...]

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Common Concerns About Senior Pets

Senior pets are near and dear to our hearts. Their graying muzzles, endearing gazes, and unwavering loyalty make us melt. But, unfortunately, age is associated with a variety of conditions that can worry senior-pet owners. Some of these concerns can be managed with your Stack veterinarian’s help, and a little tender loving care. Here is [...]

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How to Prep Your Pet for Halloween

From creating the kids’ costumes, to spook-i-fying the house, to carving the pumpkins, Halloween can require some preparation. But, while you and the family get ready for this ghoulish holiday, don’t forget to prep the pets. Whether or not Fluffy will be participating in the frightful festivities, consider these important tips to keep your furry [...]

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Why Choose Stack Veterinary Hospital for Your Pet’s Care?

Choosing whom to trust with your beloved pet’s care is a difficult decision. While all veterinary team members undergo extensive training and genuinely care for animals, some veterinary hospitals hold themselves to the highest standards. At Stack Veterinary Hospital (SVH), we strive to provide the best medical care for pets and the best service for [...]

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Veterinary Hospice: Helping Pets Age Gracefully

Pets provide unconditional love and support, are always happy to see us, and don’t hold grudges. It’s no wonder they are considered family members. And, as with your two-legged family members, you may find yourself facing some difficult decisions when your four-legged family members start to age.  Whether you are dealing with a beloved pet’s [...]

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Common Orthopedic Injuries and Treatments

Orthopedic injuries in pets can be particularly severe and painful. If you have ever broken a bone or needed orthopedic surgery, you know that the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery can be intensive. Similar to human medicine, veterinary orthopedic surgery requires a specialist’s expertise, and Stack Veterinary Hospital is fortunate to have one of the few [...]

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