AAHA Accreditation and Stack Veterinary Hospital: What’s the Link?

As a pet owner, you hold the great responsibility of choosing where your furry friends receive their care. And, with a myriad of choices in the Syracuse area alone, we know you don’t take this decision lightly. Stack Veterinary Hospital was the area’s first AAHA-accredited practice, and we take the designation seriously. But, who is [...]

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What to Expect When Vaccinating Your New Puppy or Kitten

Puppy breath, kitten purrs, and endless cuddles are a few of the exciting things about welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your home. However, caring for a young animal requires extra patience, teaching, and care, especially during their first year of life with their new family. Kitten- and puppy-hood goes by quickly, and ensuring [...]

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Veterinary Technicians: Superheroes of the Veterinary Team

Veterinary technicians have many of the same medical responsibilities that nurses have with human patients, except our patients have paws and claws. Veterinarians rely on vet techs to perform a myriad of clinical tasks and ensure that your pet’s needs are met. Vet techs are highly skilled, indispensable members of our veterinary care team.  What [...]

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Home Away From Home for the Holidays: Boarding Your Pet

You know that a successful holiday trip requires planning, such as booking your hotel room and flight, well in advance. Whether you will take a trip across the country or a holiday vacation overseas, ensure you also plan ahead for your pet’s vacation. To make holiday boarding reservations and preparations a cinch, follow these seven [...]

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Mosquitoes = Heartworm Disease, Ticks = Lyme Disease – Oh My!

As you slather on the mosquito and tick repellent before going for a hike, don’t forget that your furry friend also needs protection against these pesky parasites, and the diseases they carry—namely, heartworm disease and Lyme disease. Mosquitoes and heartworm disease in pets For people, mosquito bites are an annoying part of summer, but for [...]

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3 Tips for a Pet-Safe Summer

Summer is the ideal time for picnic fun and beach trips—not a pet disaster. Fun summertime activities will undoubtedly have your entire family—two- and four-legged members, alike—enjoying the great outdoors, but be aware of the pet dangers that could turn your fun time into a nightmare. Follow these three safety tips, to ensure your pet [...]

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