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When Caring Hurts: The State of Veterinary Professionals’ Mental Health

A veterinary professional’s heart, which always pushes them to deliver the best, most compassionate care to pets and their owners, is their biggest asset. However, this huge heart also can be their downfall. To help support your veterinary team through the ups and downs of veterinary medicine, learn what plagues our industry today, and how [...]

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5 Reasons Why Your Pet’s Dental Care Is So Important

You know your pet’s annual wellness visits are important because preventive care, like vaccinations and screening tests, keeps them healthy. But, did you know that your pet’s oral health and routine preventive care are equally important for their overall health? Read on for five reasons why focusing on your pet’s dental care is so important. [...]

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An Intervertebral Disc Disease Guide for Dog Owners

Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) is a common neurological problem that can cause pain and mobility issues in affected dogs and can occur in the cervical (i.e., neck), thoracic (i.e., chest), lumbar (i.e., lower back), or lumbosacral (i.e., pelvic) areas. Disease that occurs in the cervical and thoracolumbar regions affect the spinal cord, while disease that [...]

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Pet Anesthesia: The Basics

Your pet is a much-loved family member, and you likely become a little nervous when they require anesthesia, whether for a simple procedure or a complex surgery. However, anesthesia is usually essential to keep your pet safe and pain-free, and allow for precision and efficiency from the veterinary team during a procedure. Our team at [...]

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Listen Up to Hear Information About Pet Ear Infections

Many pets are prone to ear infections, and affected pets can experience complications, such as hearing loss and neurological signs, if their condition is not managed appropriately. Our Stack Veterinary Hospital team provides information about pet ear infections and offers tips to help decrease your pet’s risk. Pet ear infection types Pet ear infections are [...]

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