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5092 Velasko Rd.

Syracuse, NY 13215

Stack Veterinary Hospital has special holiday hours for the following days:

Wednesday, November 21st - 7:30am - 5:00pm

Thursday, November 22nd (Thanksgiving) - CLOSED

Thursday, December 6th - 7:30am - 5:00pm

Monday, December 24th (Christmas Eve) - 7:30am - 12:00pm

Tuesday, December 25th (Christmas) - CLOSED


Examinations || Home Visits || Senior Care



Regular check-ups and wellness exams allow our veterinarians to evaluate your pet's general health and to become aware of any health problems before they become a serious issue. Annual exams are recommend for dogs younger than 7 year old and cats younger than 9 years old. Once they reach their senior years we recommend a check-up every 6 months.

Prior to the examination, a veterinary assistant will take a complete history, asking questions about diet, behavior, medical concerns and lifestyle. One of our veterinarians will perform a comprehensive nose-to-tail examination. In addition, we often recommend early detection blood work to help us discover and treat problems in the early stages, before they become serious and possibly life threatening.

During your pet's annual check-up, we will work with you to develop a preventative care plan that fits with your lifestyle to keep your pet healthy, active and comfortable for as long as possible. If the focus of your visit is illness or injury, we will thoroughly explain all diagnostics and treatments recommended and why. A treatment plan will always be provided upon request.

In addition to doctor exams we have licensed technicians available to provide other services your pet may need. For example:

Deworming and Topical Parasite Prevention || Ear Cleaning || Nail Trims || Anal Gland Expression || Blood Draws || Administering Medications || Clipping and Cleaning Wounds || Blood Pressure || Urine Collection

At Stack Veterinary Hospital, we strongly believe that optimum health for your pet can only be achieved when the pet's owner and veterinarian work together to serve the pet's best interest.

To further assist the veterinarian in diagnosing dermatological conditions in your pet, we recommend filling out the following form and bringing it with you to your appointment: What is making my dog so itchy?

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Home Visits

The doctors and staff here at Stack Veterinary Hospital understand that a trip to our office can be a stressful event for both you and your pet which is why we now offer home visits for current (established) patients. Once a patient-doctor relationship has been established we can come to the home to perform the following services:

Complete wellness and physical exam || Orthopedic exams || Vaccinations || Screening blood tests || Urinalysis || Fecal sample collection || Blood pressure measurements || Dermatological exams || Mass/lump assessments || Nail trims || Ear cleanings || Anal glands || Client education

Client education.If you if interested in learning more about scheduling a home health visit for your pet(s) please contact us at

Pets that are experiencing acute illnesses should have an exam done at our hospital.

Senior Care

We love our senior patients and understand their unique needs. We are devoted to improving their well-being through a variety of services such acupuncture, massage, physical rehabilitation and pain management. Because our pets age much faster than their human counterparts, we recommend semi-annual examinations for all of our senior pets.

As your pet ages they have an increased risk for developing serious medical conditions. Many problems are common to senior pets (like heart or kidney failure) and may not present symptoms until your pet becomes very ill. Their mental and physical orders gradually deteriorate and they may lose their ability to function properly. Senior testing promotes early detection and treatment of disease so that we can maintain a healthy pet during their senior years. Detecting diseases early can often give us more effective and less costly treatment options. Senior testing also assists in establishing normal baseline values for your pet, creating a point of reference for the future.

Your pet's comprehensive senior checkup includes:

  • Physical examination: This helps your veterinarian to assess all body systems to check for abnormalities
  • Lab Work: Helps to measure various substances in the blood and urine to diagnose metabolic diseases such as diabetes, and assesses liver and kidney function.
  • Thyroid Screening: Helps to screen for thyroid disease, which is a very common ailment in older pets.
  • Blood pressure measurement: Enables our team to check for hypertension. Just as in humans, high blood pressure in pets can lead to kidney problems, blindness, and other complications.
  • Radiographs (x-rays): Included in the comprehensive senior examination. Generally, we perform chest radiographs to assess the heart and lungs. However, your veterinarian may decide that a different set of radiographs would be more important for your pet. For example, abdominal radiographs may be needed to assess the liver and kidneys.
  • Cardiopet (EKG): Determines whether cardiac rate and rhythm are normal; aids in early detection of arrhythmias and other heart problems.
Prior to an appointment for your senior pet, we recommend filling out the following questionnaires (Geriatric Screening Questionnaire and Senior Pet Health Profile) to help us to better understand your pet's age changes.