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Our Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Jan MacDonald, performs orthopedic and soft tissues surgeries daily.

Once referred, your pet has a nose to tail examination with Dr. MacDonald to assess whether or not a surgical procedure is indicated. After a thorough discussion, you, your regular veterinarian, and Dr. MacDonald will decide what steps are to be taken to provide your pet with the best care possible.

Prior to any surgical procedure at Stack Veterinary Hospital, we perform pre-anesthetic screening lab work after an examination. This lab work helps to identify any underlying problems that may not be visible during a physical examination and also ensure that your pet's organs can process the anesthetic drugs and handle a surgical procedure.

On the day of surgery your pet is admitted in the morning with one of our licensed technicians to discuss what is to expected for their day of surgery, when they will be ready to go home, and to make sure there have not been any changes since the day of the consultation with Dr. MacDonald.

The patient receives a physical examination the day of surgery prior to any medications or sedatives. A sedative and pain medication is given to the patient pre-operatively for not only pain management, but also to help to calm the patient.

During surgery, the patient's heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, temperature, and heart function is monitored by a licensed technician. An intravenous catheter is placed prior to surgery so that any pertinent medications can be administered. An endotracheal tube is positioned when the patient is placed under anesthesia to deliver anesthetic gas and oxygen to the patient.

After the surgery, the patient is monitored in our intensive care unit and any post-operative pain management medications are given as needed. Dr. MacDonald will call you with an update after the surgical procedure and schedule a time for the patient to go home.

Many orthopedic procedures require radiographs. Having access to digital radiology has enabled us to take radiographs more quickly, as many of our radiographs need to be taken while the patient is under anesthesia. After surgery laser therapy is performed on many of our post-surgical patients to promote healthy cell growth and expedite healing.

Following the surgery, Dr. MacDonald will not only be in touch with you and check on your pet, but will also contact your regular veterinarian with an update on the surgical procedure, follow up care, and treatment.

To contact us regarding the referral process please call us or e-mail at stackteam@stackvethospital.com

To expedite the check in process feel free to fill out the Client Referral Form ahead of time and e-mail it to the above email address or bring it with you to your appointment.

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